Image sitemaps

Images are a relative new feature in G-Mapper and allows you to include images within your sitemap as part of the page details.

Image tags are made up of a number of attributes. You can tell G-Maper to only include images with # certain attributes set, for example the alt tag.

<img src="/images/gallery/pic01.jpg" title="My picture"
alt="A picture of me on holiday" />

The most common attribute that editors will allow you to set is the alt attribute.

  • G-Mapper will use the title as the google sitemap image title and the alt tag as the caption.
  • If no title is present G-Mapper will use the alt tag as the title and leave the image caption blank.

You can also specify which image types you want to include using a comma separated list of file extensions. The default list is :
.gif, .jpg, .jpeg, .bmp, .png

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