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Of all the sitemaps Google sitemaps have the most benefits. Apart from having the largest market share of searches, Google will also empower you as a webmaster!

The principal benefit is that a Google sitemap, like many other sitemaps allows you to tell Google about the pages in your website and therefore improve your website visibility.

You can tell google when your pages are updated and suggest the relative importance of pages and how often they are updated.

In return Google provides a whole range of analyital services and reports.

Google sitemap benefits?

Google sitemaps have a number of benefits including :

  • Help improve your search engine ranking and url visibility.
  • Ensure Google is aware of all your pages
  • Tell Google more about the nature of your pages.
  • Allows google to give you detailed reports about your website in the Google search engine and identify potential problems.
    • Find out how Google sees your site
    • Analyze search data
    • Receive alerts in your inbox
    • Check who links to you
    • etc.

What Google sitemaps contain

Google sitemaps are currently store the following information

  • File locations (mandatory)
  • When they were last updated (optional)
  • How often they were updated (optional)
  • The importance of each page within your site (optional)
  • Media within your files (e.g. images) (optional)

More information

To find out more and register with Google visit Google's webmaster central.

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