Quick start guide

You will need a relatively modern PC, ideally with multicore processor, 8GB of RAM, 100Mb of free disk space and Windows 10. G-mapper should work on older computers / Windows versions too but may not perform quite as expected.

Download and install G-Mapper using the default settings. You may be prompted to download some pre-requists from Microsoft.

Create a new sitemap

Having installed and opened G-Mapper, click "new" to create a sitemap.

Create a new sitemap

Setup sitemap

The minumum you need to enter is the sitemap name and website address which must start with http:// or https://

Click okay to save the sitemap.

sitemap settings

Spidering your website

Having created a sitemap then click on spider to create your sitemap.

Once spidering completes you can edit your sitemap in the editor screen.

spider sitemap

Export your sitemap

Having spidered and edited your sitemap as required, you can export yoursitemap in to a local location before uploading.

export sitemap

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