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Below you can find some questions which get asked frequently by G-Mapper users. We are keen to here back from all our users. If you would like to ask a question or share your experiences please contact us.

What sitemap files does G-Mapper create?

G-Mapper creates a number of sitemap files for you :

  • Google sitemap
  • Atom sitemap
  • Plain text url list
  • RSS sitemap listing all files.
  • RSS of the 20 most recently updated files (Ideal for RSS readers)
  • PodCast RSS feed containing the 20 most recently updated mp3 files
  • ROR RDF sitemap

How much does G-Mapper cost?

G-Mapper is completely free however we do appreciate donations to help support the development and hosting costs.

I have an older version what should I do?

You can download the latest release from the G-Mapper download page. Note that some of the 3rd party download sites we use arn't always as up to date as our own.

You can download and install the latest version for free and your data should be automatically migrated during the upgrade process.

Does G-Mapper contain any spyware, adware or popup's?

No no no, we just won't go there and we feel strongly about those who do. We've even removed the advertising banner in the latest version!

We do monitor how many people are using G-Mapper and their usage but this is completely anonymous and is not essential to the functionality of G-Mapper.

I had a problem downloading, installing or using G-Mapper can I get support?

Yes. G-Mapper currently comes with free email support. Contact us here

When I get an error should I click "Send Error"?

Send error is a feature we added to make it easier for us to track bugs in G-Mapper. It is extremely helpful to us if you send details of the error to allow us to identify and fix problems.

As well as this you can enter your email address. this is useful when we need to discuss the problem further to get to the bottom of it.

How often is G-mapper updated

We've worked hard to get G-Mapper to its current state and we intend on continuing its development however because G-mapper is a free offering we have to absorb costs within our organization. For this reason we do not have fixed schedules for updates and releases and we try to fit them in where we can.

How do I upload my sitemap?

G-Mapper 1.2 added FTP functionality to allow you to upload your map however in some cases it may not be possible to use this. G-Mapper saves a copy of your map in your local website root and you can also export the map to an alternate location to allow you to upload it using another FTP program or whatever method your website hosting company allows.

Once you have your sitemap uploaded you need to register with Google and/or Yahoo to submit your sitemaps to them.

I've got links in my pages but the linked pages aren't included in my map.

G-mapper looks for files in directories and at present does not spider (look for links) in pages.

All your site files should be in the root folder or sub folders of the root for them to be added to the map.

I've changed the update frequency but Google doesn't visit more often.

The site maps are only suggestions and while they do help Google better understand your site they are not strict rules which it follows to the letter.

I get an error saying something about MDAC.

This is fairly rare however it's nothing serious it just means you have an older version of Microsoft Data Access Data Components (MDAC) installed.

You can download version 2.8 from Microsoft.

I'm still confused my question isn't answered here!

Google has comprehensive information on it's site maps which can be found here.

If you still can't find the answer to your question please contact the G-Mapper team.

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