Quick tour of G-Mapper

G-Mapper is a free sitemap generator that supports the XML Sitemap.org protocol, RSS, ROR RDF, Atom, Podcasts and plain text sitemaps, making it compaible with all major engines including Google, Yahoo and Microsoft Bing. It is designed for website's of all sizes to help improve your search engine coverage and ranking.

There are no limits to the number of sitemaps or the number of files you can have in a sitemap.

For further help and support and a deeper insight into G-Mapper features take a look at our help and support section.

Quick and easy editing of sitemaps

The new enhanced editor makes it easy to edit your sitemap and override default settings.

The colour coded list shows newly added files in green and removed files in red.

Quick and accessible filtering functions allow you to view specific groups of files easily whilst the batch editor allows you to apply settings to one or more selected file quickly and easily.

Enhanced support for images

G-Mapper will index the images on each page for inclusion in your google sitemap.

Images can now be managed and edited in the same way as your files.

Easy to use setup wizard

The improved setup wizard is now even quicker and easier to use.

You can still step through the setup process like a traditional setup wizard, but now to make editing and updating the sitemap settings easier you can use the tabs along the top to quickly jump to the sitemap setting you want to change.

Find out more about configuration settings in help and support.

File indexing settings

Three indexing modes

G-Mapper can index your files in 3 different ways giving you more flexibility to use it in ways that suit how you manage and update your website.

  • Index files locally on your computer by searching for files in a specified folder.
  • Spidering files locally on you computer by telling G-Mapper where the homepage is saved.
  • Spidering your live website online by telling G-Mapper the website address.

Find out more about indexing modes in help and support.

Improved FTP setup

G-Mapper can upload your sitemaps to your website for you.

The improved FTP setup wizard to make it easier to test and setup your FTP connection to your server.

This feature is handy if you are indexing a live website where you wont be uploading files as part of routine maintenance.

Configure sitemap outputs

G-Mapper creates a range of sitemap output files. For each of those you want simply enter a suitable filename.

G-Mapper outputs include Google sitemap, Text sitemap, Atom sitemap, ROR RDF, RSS, RSS top 20, RSS mp3 podcast.

You can also attach an xls file so that you can view your xml sitemap more easily in a suitable web browser.

Easy indexing and upload

The new index and upload screen now allows you to select one or more maps you wish to reindex and/or upload.

Once your sitemap is setup, simply use the reindex or upload button to update them.

For smaller websites this can take a matter of seconds.