Sitemap output files

G-Mapper outputs a number of sitemap files and formats. When the site is reindexed the you can choose to have the files created in the root folder of your website and an alternative location.

If you are indexing a live website ithey are only saved in the alternative location.

In the output files section you can configure the files names for each type of file.

Sitemap 0.90 protocol

G-Mapper has full support for the sitemap 0.90 protocol supported by Google, Yahoo and Microsoft Bing.

The sitemap format includes the url, modified date, page priority and update frequency

Plain text sitemap

Plain text sitemaps list one url per line with no other information. they are useful for creating a quick sitemap and a number of search engines support them however we recommend you use the Sitemap 0.90 protocol sitemap.

Atom sitemap

G-Mapper offers the same level of support for Atom maps that it does for RSS sitemaps however it does not include the addition media file information.

The modified date is mandatory for Atom maps. If you choose not to output the modified date for your sitemaps the Atom sitemap will automatically include the file modified date.

ROR RDF sitemap

ROR (Resources of a Resource) is an independent XML sitemap format for describing any content in your website.

G-Mapper ROR RDF sitemaps contain the page title, url, date modified and update frequency attributes.

You can find out more about ROR sitemaps at the official ROR website.

RSS sitemaps

Yahoo also supports RSS sitemaps which are similar in content to Google Maps.

G-Mapper uses attributes from the RSS 2.0 specification relevant to sitemaps and podcasting.

RSS sitemaps include Url, Modified date, Title, Description and Author.

Where the file is a video or audio file it also specifies the media format and file size making the RSS sitemap suitable for podcasts.

More about Syndication, RSS feeds and PodCasts

You can find out more about RSS at the wsSchools website

RSS podcasts

The RSS Podcast file is identical to the RSS sitemap file except it only lists Audio and Video media files making it ideal for adding Podcasts to your website.

More about Syndication, RSS feeds and PodCasts

RSS top 20

An RSS top 20 file is also created which includes the 20 most recently updated files. This is useful for webmasters who want to notify users by RSS feed about website updates as it can more easily be consumed by an RSS reader than the full sitemap.

XSL Style sheet

An XSL style sheet allows you to format the display of an XML sitemap so that it is easier to read in a web browser. Most browsers will render (process) an xml file and the xsl file so that the sitemap can be viewed as a standard webpage.

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