Filtering and sorting sitemap pages

The folder and file filter allows you too search and work with specific files and folders.

G-Mapper screenshots

Filter by folder only

  • Select a folder from the Folder List
  • Ensure the File box is empty
  • Click the green go button.

Filter by file only

  • Ensure the Folder List has All selected.
  • Enter some text into the File box.
  • Click the green go button.

File search wildcards

You can use (ANSI-92) wildcards in your file search to allow you to filter partial filenames and filename patterns.

Wildcard Description Example
% Matches any number of characters. It can be used as the first or last character in the character string. wh% finds what, white, and why, but not awhile or watch.
_ Matches any single alphabetic character. B_ll finds ball, bell, and bill
[] Matches any single character within the brackets. B[ae]ll finds ball and bell but not bill
^ Matches any character not in the brackets. b[^ae]ll finds bill and bull but not ball or bell
- Matches any one of a range of characters. You must specify the range in ascending order (A to Z, not Z to A). b[a-c]d finds bad, bbd, and bcd

For more help with Wildcards see Microsofts Access wildcard character reference

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