Blog posts from 2015

📌 Minor updates and fixes applied

Sunday 20 December 2015

Minor updates and fixes applied We’ve made some minor updates to our spider for the online and windows version of our sitemap generator. Binary files Binary files such as Word Document, Adobe PDF, etc. previously just showed the HTTP server response such as “Ok”. We now simply show the filename of such files. Domain names We have relaxed validation on domain names so it is not essential to use punycode. You can therefore decide which domain name you want to use for your sitemap.

📌 Donate to help keep XML Sitemaps Free

Tuesday 21 July 2015

Donate to help keep XML Sitemaps Free Xml Sitemap Generator is provided free purely out of the enjoyment of doing it. We take time out of our personal lives to develop and support it and cover costs out of our own pockets. This includes development, testing, hosting, domains, security certificates and support for : online XML Sitemap Generator, G-Mapper Windows XML Sitemap Generator and Coming soon WordPress XML Sitemap Generator With recent increases in popularity we need to raise further funding to help keep the show on the road.

📌 G-Mapper and XmlSitemapGenerator

Wednesday 20 May 2015

G-Mapper and XmlSitemapGenerator You may have noticed recently that got a makeover which saw the website become mobile friendly and more in line with As part of this continuing alignment and joining of forces to bring you the best online sitemap generator and sitemap generator download we now sharing a blog. From here on Blog.XmlSitemapgenerator.Org will be presenting posts for both solutions as a common set of tools. As always we’ll be tagging up our posts but we’ll now have the addition of “G-Mapper”, “Online” tags to enable you to easily filter content should you wish to do so.