G-Mapper and XmlSitemapGenerator

You may have noticed recently that G-Mapper.co.uk got a makeover which saw the website become mobile friendly and more in line with XmlSitemapGenerator.org.

As part of this continuing alignment and joining of forces to bring you the best online sitemap generator and sitemap generator download we now sharing a blog.

From here on Blog.XmlSitemapgenerator.Org will be presenting posts for both solutions as a common set of tools. As always we’ll be tagging up our posts but we’ll now have the addition of “G-Mapper”, “Online” tags to enable you to easily filter content should you wish to do so.

Each solution will keep it’s own website, facebook and twitter feeds which you can subscribe to to get information specific to the service(s) you are most interested in ….

Online sitemap generator

Sitemap generator download

 We hope you like the new arangements and continue to see improvements as the merger prgresses.