Sitemap generator updates

We’ve been fixing and patching a couple of issues over the last few weeks, here is a quick round up of issues that we’ve looked at :

Online Sitemap Generatorย 

When trying to spider certain secure websites a number of users experienced the error : “The request was aborted: Could not create SSL/TLS secure channel.”

To resolve this issues we have added support for more HTTPS protocols including deprecated protocols.

Fix : some homepage redirects not being picked up resulting in no results including 303 and 307.
Fix : upper case characters in frequency

We also had a bit of a clear out to help improve performance.

G-Mapper Windows Sitemap Generator

Version 3.0 was a completely new product to align with our online sitemap generator. As a result we’ve had a number of issues to iron out. We’re now on version

Now that we’re using the same spider engine G-mapper also gets the HTTPS protocols and the same fixes as with the online version.

Weย  also removed the registration process to make it quick and easier to get up and running.

Additionally G-Mapper had a number of specific issues :

Fix : File limit restriction
Fix : URL validation on settings page
Fix : Modified date default value on settings page
Fix : Error editing images
Fix : Settings URL validation / saving.

Download the updated from :