G-Mapper updates

Sorry we’ve been quiet for a while. As a free service run on volunteers and donations it isn’t always easy to keep on top of what is essentially another business!

We’re pleased to say recently we have been making a number ofย  updates to the service and hope to bring you more over the coming months.

We recently updated G-Mapper to bring it in line with the online service as well as address a number of bugs including random crashing which has been an annoyance for a number of users.

Get the latest G-Mapper version.

New: Update to latest spider engine.
New: Update to make home screen more useful.ย 
Fix: Update screen freezes / crashes while spidering larger site.
Fix: Fixed timeout / size limit issue.
Fix: Fixed crashing while spidering due to update screen.
Fix: Grid does not resize when window resizes.
Fix: Improved date validation on editor.
Fix: Cannot reset modified date to null.
Fix: Updated out of date 3rd party dependencies.

We are sorry that we cannot support everyone directly and respond to all requests for help, but we are very grateful for your feedback. We do log issues and try to address them with each release so please continue to let us know.