Configuring your G-mapper Sitemap

Creating a new map

Once you have installed G-Mapper run it.

Click on the new button to add a new sitemap setup.

Create new sitemap menu option

Editing an existing map

To configure an existing map simply use the open button and select the map you wish to edit.

Then click on the settings button.

Existing sitemap settings

Basic sitemap settings

The minimum details for any sitemap is the website title and website address beginning with http:// or https://

On this screen you can set the defaults for the key sitemap properties which can then be changed individually within the editor.

Existing sitemap settings

The core elements of an XML Sitemap are :

  • Web page address
  • Last modified date
  • Update frequency
  • Relative priority

These provide hints to search engines about your pages, when and how often they are updated and the relative importance within your website.

For example your home page might be updated weekly and be much more important than your about us page which may only be updated yearly.