Editing images with G-Mapper

G-Mapper allows you to edit your sitemap images manually through the main images screen.

For your images to be populated you need to have enabled images in the image settings

Once you have created a sitemap and indexed your files you should see all the contents of your sitemap listed on the main images screen.


Files are fixed and cannot be edited as they are discovered during the idexing process. You will see both the image filename and the page to which it belongs.

To exclude an image from your sitemap tick the Exclude tick box.

Title and caption

G-Mapper will try to automatically populate the Title and caption fields from the images title and alt attribute.

<img src="/images/gallery/pic01.jpg" title="My picture"
alt="A picture of me on holiday" />

You can edit the title and caption manually by clinking into the field and editing the value.

If you would like to overide the automatic values tick the Manual Meta box. The Title and Description field will then retain the value you set even when reindexed.

Note that if you change the value but do not tick the tick box the value will be over written next time you reindex.